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Barnstormer Remodeling Project Begins
February 13, 2003

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A remodeling project is in progress on the Barnstormer Restaurant and Lounge in the passenger terminal at Hector International Airport. The project will be completed in three phases as to allow the restaurant and lounge to remain open for the public.

Barnstormer Restaraunt PictureThe first phase impacts the former entrance to the restaurant. The area has been closed off and a new entrance was opened on the opposite side of the snack bar location. The area that has been closed off will be the new location for the deli counter and seating area. The second phase will be the removal of the current snack bar and the area will be opened up to more self-serve seating. The last phase will be to remodel the current full-service area and update with new tables, chairs, and decor. The lounge area and the kitchen will also be remodeled as part of this project.

Barnstormer Restaraunt PictureThe project was bid and awarded to Minko Construction, Inc. for the amount of $300,014. The total budget for the project is estimated at $430,000 of which the remaining amount will be for furniture and equipment. It is estimated that the project will be completed by early summer. The project is being completed as to minimize the impact to passengers. Foss Associates is the architect for this project.


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