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Air Force One Makes Visit to Fargo
March 8, 2001

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President Bush and Air Force One made a scheduled stop in Fargo on Thursday afternoon as part of a tour of the Midwest promoting his tax break plan.

Air Force 1 PictureAir Force One landed at approximately 4:30 PM and parked on a portion of a closed runway between the passenger terminal and the North Dakota Air National Guard base.

In addition to the Air Force One visit, three other aircraft provided support equipment for the visit. Two Air Force Lockheed C-5 Galaxy's and a Boeing C-17 aircraft carried the vehicles, helicopter and personnel. This was the first time a C-17 has landed in Fargo.

Air Force One that visited Fargo (tail number 29000) is a Boeing 747-200 aircraft that was put into service as one of two presidential transports in 1991. The aircraft is 231 feet long, 63 feet high, and has a maximum takeoff weight of 833,000 pounds. The aircraft can fly non-stop for 8,400 miles at a speed of up to 700 mph.

President Bush's visit was only about 2 hours before he departed for Sioux Falls for the continuation of his tour.


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