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Hector Airport Takes Delivery of New Passenger Boarding Bridge
May 16, 2002

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A new state-of-the-art passenger boarding bridge was recently installed at the passenger terminal building at Hector International Airport. The bid opening for the bridge was in January and Jetway Systems, a division of the FMC Corporation located in Ogden, UT was awarded the contract.

Jetway PictureThe passenger boarding bridge has the capability of providing a safe transition from the terminal building to an aircraft ranging in size from a 50-seat Canadair Regional Jet to the massive Boeing 747. The bridge is equiJetway Picturepped with a 400hz converter that will provide electrical power to the aircraft while parked on the ground. Also, a 30-Ton air-handling unit will provide heating and cooling for the aircraft.

The new passenger boarding bridge is installed on the gate one position. A portion of the $403,000 bid was to move an older bridge, owned by Northwest Airlines, to a previously vacant gate position. Northwest Airlines will be the primary user of the new passenger boarding bridge. There are now a total of four boarding bridges and two commuter gates at Hector International Airport.


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