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Hector Flight Information System Updated
June 27, 2014

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The electronic flight information display system (FID) has recently been upgraded.  Although the look has not changed, the electronic feed that provides the information has.

The new flight information feed is now received directly from the airlines where as the previous was based on FAA radar data or manual inputs by the airlines.  The new feed will provide more timely information to the FID system when the airline decides to delay or cancel a flight.  Once the flight is airborne, the system is updated by the FAA radar data.

The system was initially installed in the terminal building in 2003.  The original system had four large servers that received the data and then displayed it on the terminal monitors and on the airport website.  The new system eliminated the on-site servers and migrated to a ‘cloud based’ system.  The old cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors were replaced with larger, flat-screen LCD monitors to provide a better, clearer display.  There are 19 monitors located throughout the terminal building showing arrival, departure and map displays. 

The interactive voice response (IVR) portion of the system also moved to a cloud based system. The IVR is available if the airport information center is not staffed to answer phone questions. The IVR will be able to provide all the current flight information that is shown on the monitors.

Passenger traffic and flights have nearly doubled since the system was initially installed.  Today, Hector Airport has flights to 11 cities on five airlines.

The flight information system can be found on the airport website under Flight Information located on the top menu.

Arrival FID pictureDeparture FID pictureMap FID picture


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