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Runway 08/26 Now Designated Runway 09/27
July 1, 2004

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Runway 08/26 was designated runway 09/27 today.  The runway was originally constructed in 1993 and extended to 6,300' in 2001. 

Runway PictureAirport runway numbers are determined by their magnetic heading.  Each year the magnetic heading of the earth changes by approximately 0.1 of a degree.  Since the runway was originally constructed, the magnetic heading has changed that the new designation was needed.  The designation had been planned as part of the large runway reconstruction project that is currently in progress.Runway Picture

Beside changing the pavement markings, all directional signage on the airport is changed and all airport publications (including approach/departure charts and airport diagrams) concerning the runway are also changed.  It takes up to 90 days for all references to the old runway to be completed.

The runway that is currently under construction is also being renamed.  The previous runway was 17/35 and is now, in its temporary status, runway 18/36.  This will be the numbering used when the newly reconstructed runway opens in October 2004.


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