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Runway Reconstruction Project On Track
July 2, 2004

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The single largest construction project ever at Hector International Airport is on track to be completed this fall.

The old 22-inch thick runway has almost been completed removed and placed in huge piles to the west of the reconstruction site. Intec of Elk River, MN, is working to crush the runway remains into gravel which will be recycled as base for paving of the new runway surface. According to project manager Steve Synhorst of Ulteig Engineers, Inc., crews are crushing round the clock at a rate of approximately 250 to 270 tons per hour.

A 60-foot high conveyor has already moved 75,000 ton of the recycled gravel.

"Our design calls for the crushed material to be moved back to the runway and laid over geotextile fabric as an 8-inch sub-base and also in the 6-inch econocrete stabilized base for the new 17" Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) runway," Synhorst said. When the recycling portion of the project is complete, approximately 3,000,000 cubic feet of material will have been crushed. Recycling the old runway not only offers the Fargo Airport Authority cost savings for the project, but reduces the need to draw on our area's natural resources and eliminates the need for transporting and disposing of the old runway material at a disposal site.

While the trucks and conveyor move the concrete material through the recycling process, progress is also being made in other areas of the project: a full-time survey crew is busy staking for cross-sections, storm sewers, alignment and elevation; and other construction crews are laying electrical conduit for a new navigational system and completing aircraft arresting barriers for ND Air National Guard.

The $18.2 million reconstruction project entails the entire removal and replacement of Runway 17/35. According to Synhorst, the project is on schedule and approximately 25% complete. Shawn Dobberstein, Executive Director of the airport, said the runway will open by Oct. 1 with the navigational system operational by Thanksgiving. Ulteig Engineers is the consulting engineering firm for the runway reconstruction project.


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