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Airport Begins Departure Lounge Remodeling
July 8, 2002

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Construction has begun on the departure lounge area of the passenger terminal at Hector International Airport.

Remodeling PictureThe project will enlarge the area on the public side of the security checkpoint and add restrooms to the departure lounge area. Since September 11 only persons with airline tickets are allowed through the security checkpoint into the departure lounge. All meeters and greeters must wait for their parties either at the security checkpoint or in the baggage claim area. This has created congestion in the area of the checkpoint.

Remodeling PictureThe remodeling project will also add restrooms to the departure lounge area. Currently the only restrooms were on the non-secure side of the security checkpoint. Passengers that already cleared screening would have to exit the departure lounge to use the facilities and then be rescreened to enter the departure lounge again.

The project was bid and awarded to CM of North Dakota, Sherman Plumbing and Bergstrom Electric for the amount of $144,425. It is estimated that the project will be completed by the end of September. The project is being completed as to minimize the impact to passengers.


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