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Hector Airport Approved As International Port of Entry
July 10, 2003

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U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan's four year effort to have Fargo's Hector International Airport designated as a full time International Port of Entry met with success Thursday as U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge approved the permanent designation. The action could significantly boost the number of international flights at the airport and increase business opportunities in the region, Dorgan said.

The designation will also save the airport about $150,000 a year in operating costs, Dorgan said, since the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will now assume all Port of Entry operating costs. Up to now, these expenses were covered by the airport authority, local governments or passed onto the end users of freight and passengers moving through the airport.

“This is and important step for Hector International Airport and the entire Fargo and eastern North Dakota region,” said Dorgan. “By removing the port expenses for planes flying into Fargo, we'll see more international traffic at Hector Airport as planes land to refuel or drop off and pick up passengers or cargo. That means increased business opportunities for North Dakota.”

In July 2002, at Dorgan's urging, the Customs Service awarded Hector Airport Port of Entry status on a temporary basis. The temporary status, set to run out later this month, will now be replaced with the permanent designation, Dorgan said.


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