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2013 Airport Construction Season Finally Begins
August 5, 2013

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The airport construction kicks off for the 2013 season. This year's project will expand the air carrier ramp.

The terminal expansion was completed in 2008, passenger traffic, number of airlines and aircraft has increased that the existing concrete ramp had insufficient overnight parking also. This proved extremely difficult when diversion, charter or maintenance aircraft needed additional parking spaces.
   Ramp Expansion   Ramp Expansion

The expansion will add 660' x 215' of additional concrete to the north side of the existing ramp or 145,000 square feet of parking area. This will create parking for five (5) Airbus A320 size aircraft. The additional ramp space will also allow deicing operations to occur in areas not affected by taxing aircraft.

Northern Improvement of Fargo, ND was awarded the bid in the amount of $2,878,631.  The terminal ramp expansion should be completed by early November. This project will be funded jointly by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Municipal Airport Authority.


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