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Groundwork Begins On Runway Reconstruction Project
October 8, 2003

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The initial phase of a massive runway reconstruction project began at Hector International Airport.  The site preparation for the batch plant is being constructed just south of the passenger terminal along Dakota Drive. 

Aerial PictureThe batch plant area is being readied this season so the runway reconstruction project can start early next spring.  The $26 million runway 17/35 project is anticipated to start in early May 2004 and be completed by November.  The area will be used to pile the old concrete removed from the existing runway, crush it and use it for the sub-base of the new runway.   

The existing runway is 9,546 feet long, 150 feet wide and 22 inches thick.  It has the concrete equivalence of 13 miles of interstate highway or 100,000 cubic yards. 

The 26 acres of land used for the batch plant site was being used by North Dakota State University to grow alfalfa for its farming operation.  The site will be returned to its agricultural use by 2006 when the runway project is completely finished. 

Another portion of this project was to relocate the perimeter fence (directly in front of the viewing park and air cargo ramp) on the west side of the airport for the runway protection zone.  Taxiway ‘A’ will be used as a temporary runway during this project.


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