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Summary of Airport Projects for 2000
October 26, 2000

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The Municipal Airport Authority would like to recap the completed and upcoming projects at Hector International Airport for 2000 and 2001. Approximately $4.6 million was spent on airport improvement projects for the year.

Q Remodeled passenger terminal restrooms - The entrances were reconfigured to allow easy, unobstructed access. New counter-tops, stall dividers, hand dryers and fixtures were installed. Cost was $130,000

Q Replacement of sewer and water main for the south general aviation area - The old system dating back to the 1950s was replaced. Cost $360,000

Q Completed a transient aircraft parking area adjacent the new air museum - This ramp was completed last week. It will allow visiting aircraft to park near the new air museum, which is scheduled to open next year. Cost $135,000

Q Demolition/removal of the old control tower located on the east terminal - The old structure was removed from the old terminal building because it was unusable and could not cost effectively be maintained. Cost $100,000

Q Constructed a 208' x 120' precast concrete hangar in south general aviation area - The two hangars will house aircraft and be leased by both Valley Aviation and Fargo Jet Center. Valley Aviation will use its portion to store the aircraft for Flight Training Ltd. Fargo Jet Center is leasing the hangar for the new Aero Manufacturing Engineering program at North Dakota State University. Cost $1,200,000 (This project is funded by the insurance proceeds from the July 4, 1999 storm that damaged numerous buildings at the airport.)

Q Replaced and added additional sidewalks adjacent the passenger terminal - Additional sidewalks were installed to better accommodate the increase in traffic. The sidewalk from the terminal to the car rental lot was replaced. Cost $5,485

Q Acquired a Turbo-Way passenger lift device - This device is now required by the Federal Aviation Administration as part of the American with Disabilities Act. The device will be used to assist individuals to board turbo-prop aircraft safely. Cost $24,859

Q Updated the Airport Master Plan - The airport master plan is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be updated every ten years. The master plan predicts the growth of the airport for the next twenty years. Cost $195,409

Q Constructed a fire training facility - This facility was built for the ND Air National Guard and was commissioned for training use in the spring of 2000. The facility has a 50-foot mock-up of an aircraft fuselage and allows the fire personnel to train on fighting aircraft fires/emergencies. Cost $850,000. (This project was funded by the Air National Guard)

Q Construction of vehicle perimeter roads - The FAA required the airport to construct a perimeter road system to more efficiently allow airport vehicles access to the various areas of the airport without crossing the runways. The first two roads were constructed this year. The roads connect the north general aviation area to the passenger terminal ramp and also to the south general aviation ramp. Cost $900,000

Q Purchase snow removal equipment - The MAA is purchasing two airport snowplow trucks manufactured by Oshkosh. The units are an all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer plow truck with a front mounted 24’ batwing plow. These two units will be the primary equipment to clear snow from the airport surfaces. The MAA also purchased a 16-yard sand truck. The truck will be a Sterling truck with a Swenson sand-box with 500 gallon tanks for prewetting capabilities. This equipment is replacing equipment existing equipment. Cost $685,000

           NOTE: All costs listed are estimates

Upcoming projects for 2001 include:

  Q Install a Flight Information Display System

  Q Update passenger terminal departure lounge and other public area seating

  Q Install business centers in the passenger terminal

  Q Improve safety area for runway 08/26 extension

  Q Extend runway 08/26 approximately 1,900 feet to the west

  Q Install a new taxiway from the end of runway 08/26 to the passenger terminal ramp.

  Q Continued planning for the construction of a car rental facility


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