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December 2010 - Monthly and Annual Statistics

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- 2010 was the busiest year in the airport's history.
- 2010 annual passenger enplanements, deplanements and total passengers broke the previous record set in 2009.
- 7,033 total air carrier departures in 2010 or 17 average daily.

Airline passenger traffic in December at Hector International Airport showed a slight decrease as compared to the same month in 2009. In December 2010, the passenger enplanements were 30,274. This is a decrease of -0.3% when compared to the December 2010 passenger enplanements of 30,351. This was the second busiest December on record.

The year's enplanements finished flat after a summer of decreases and a first half of increases. 

December was cut short by two back to back blizzards which cancelled almost two days of flights during a busy holiday weekend. Passenger enplanements counting just the legacy carriers (Delta, United and American) posted a 3.1% increase over the previous record year.  Allegiant Air addition to the airport flight schedule added the remaining increase to 4.1%.

Total passenger count for the month was 57,789, which is down -3.0% over the same period last year.

Airline City Aircraft Market
Enplanement Change
From December 2009
Delta Air Lines Minneapolis & Salt Lake City A320/319, DC9, E175, CRJ 200/700/900 46% -3.6%
United Express Chicago & Denver CRJ200/700 & EMB145 25% 5.5%
Allegiant Air Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando & Los Angeles MD-80 21% 6.5%
American Eagle Chicago EMB145 8% n/a

There were 578 air carrier departures in the month of December with a daily average of 1,864 passengers both arriving and departing.

Passengers December 10 December 09 % Change YTD2010 YTD2009 % Change
Total 57,789 59,572 -3.0% 724,941 697,810 3.9%
Enplaned 30,274 30,351 -0.3% 363,138 348,951 4.1%
Deplaned 27,515 29,221 -5.8% 361,803 348,859 3.7%
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