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Fargo Jet Center Takes Delivery of 1st of Ten New Cessna Skycatchers
July 18, 2011

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Fargo Jet Center Inc (FJC) has taken delivery of the 1st of ten new Cessna Skycatcher light sport aircraft (LSA). The new aircraft will be on display this Wednesday, July 20th at Fargo Jet Center’s 2nd Annual Drive in/ Fly in movie night starting at 6:30pm.

Cessna PictureThe Skycatcher embodies the fun-to-fly characteristics standard in every Cessna aircraft. It’s also the ideal, economical flight training aircraft to bring the joy and achievement of flight to yet another generation of pilots. The Skycatcher promises to be a perfect fit for flight training.

“The Skycatcher may be used for Sport Pilot or Private Pilot training. For those already certificated, it's an excellent two seat recreational airplane available for rental use,” said Mike Paulson, Fargo Flight School Manager. “The Skycatcher combined with our online Cessna ground training course makes learning to fly more affordable and accessible as students can accomplish ground training anywhere they can connect to the internet as well as booking their lessons through our online scheduler” Paulson adds.

The Skycatcher is definitely a "best-of class" aircraft that strikes an impressive balance of innovation, state-of-the-art technology, and classic good looks. The new Technically Advanced Garmin G300 avionics set a new, and unrivaled, standard for LSA. The roomy 44-inch wide cabin, spectacular visibility, and ergonomic seats, and unique under-panel center stick control, promise a capable, fun, and comfortable experience for any student looking to accomplish their dream of flying.

About the Sport Pilot Certificate:

Pilots pursuing their Sport Pilot Certificate are required to log a minimum 20 hours of flight time. Fifteen of those hours are with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified flight instructor. New regulations written specifically for the Sport Pilot Certificate have opened the door for many including pilots who have stopped flying due to stringent medical testing. Under the new regulations as long as you have not been denied a flight medical certificate and you possess a current driver’s license, you can pursue your Sport Pilot Certificate. 

About Fargo Jet Center

Fargo Jet Center is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of aviation services. Based in Fargo, ND, FJC is an Avfuel® fuel dealer, award-winning aircraft maintenance and avionics repair station and aircraft dealer. In addition, FJC operates a fleet of charter aircraft, a flight school, and provides aircraft management services and opportunities for fractional aircraft ownership.


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