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North Terminal Expansion Opens with New Security Checkpoint
July 23, 2008

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Terminal Construction PictureHector Airport opened its second and final portion of its terminal expansion project.  The first phase (west expansion) opened in September 2007, allowed for the use of a new fifth gate while gates two and three were closed for the second phase of construction to create the larger screening checkpoint and departure lounge room. 

With five operational gates, the airport is capable of handling the larger amount of passengers we have seen in 2008.  Two gates are used by Northwest Airlines, one is shared by Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Air, and the remaining two are used by United Express.

In addition to the added gate space, equally important is the added space on the first level for airline equipment operations.

Terminal Construction PictureThe larger checkpoint area has two separate lines for screening, and is capable of adding a third line if future demands continue to increase.  The checkpoint is now equipped with two magnetometers and two x-ray machines in addition to a private screening room.

Since both expansions have opened, the existing gate one area is closed for remodeling to complete the interior color, lighting, furniture, new ceiling, carpet, and furniture before the grand opening of the completed project, which is expected to take place in late September. Terminal Construction Picture

The terminal expansion/remodel project started in October 2007 at a cost of $15.5 million.


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