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FAA AIP NO. 3-38-0017-42

Sealed bids, subject to the conditions contained herein, will be received by the Municipal Airport Authority, until 3:00 PM on the 22nd day of May, 2014, and will be publicly opened and read aloud.

For Taxiway J Construction, payment will be made for mobilization, airport safety control, temporary haul road, temporary staging area, erosion control, demolition, earthwork, geotextile fabric, 8” aggregate base course, 6” econocrete base course, 16” PCC pavement, joint sawing & sealing, underdrain, storm sewer, underground storm water storage, taxiway edge lighting, airfield signs, pavement marking, seeding, mulching and incidentals.

For Runway 18-36 Rehabilitation, payment will be made for mobilization, airport safety control and joint seal removal and replacement.

Each bid proposal shall be made out on the form contained within the project specifications and placed in a sealed bid envelope.  In a separate bid security envelope, the proposal must contain
a bid bond executed by a corporation authorized to contract as a surety in the State of North Dakota in an amount not less than 5% of the bid amount.  The bid security should be made payable to the Municipal Airport Authority and must not contain any conditions either in the body or as an endorsement thereon.  The bid security shall be forfeited to the Municipal Airport Authority as liquidated damages in the event the successful bidder fails, or refuses to, enter into a contract within fifteen (15) days after the award of contract and the maintenance of said work, if required, pursuant to the provisions of this notice and other contract documents.

The 5% Bid Security of the three lowest bidders will be retained until the contract is executed, but in no event longer than 60 days, provided that the Bid Security of the lowest responsible bidder shall be retained in any event until the contract is executed and Contractor's Bonds furnished as herein provided. No bidder shall, without the consent of the Municipal Airport Authority, withdraw his bid for a period of 60 days after the date for the opening thereof. The bid of the lowest responsible bidder will be accepted on or before the expiration of 60 days after the date of the opening of bids.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish separate performance and payment bonds in amounts equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price, said bonds to be issued by a responsible surety approved by the Municipal Airport Authority.

All bidders are required to have a North Dakota contractor’s license of the proper class and the bidder must hold the license at least 10 days prior to the date of the bid opening. A copy of the license, or renewal certificate, shall be included in the bid security envelope.

A full listing of the Federal Provisions by which the bidder must comply, are incorporated by reference and contained within the advertised specifications.

The Municipal Airport Authority has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program under the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation Regulations 49 CFR Part 26 - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation. Requirements to fulfill the DBE program are contained within the advertised specifications.. The bidder shall submit the DBE Utilization Statement and/or DBE Certification of Good Faith Efforts form within the bid security envelope.

Copies of the plans and specifications can be purchased for a non-refundable fee of $100 at the office of Mead & Hunt, Inc. located at 8 Seventh Street North, Fargo, ND 58102 or may be downloaded for a fee of $25.00 at www.questcdn.com #3227981. Those wishing to download the bidding documents electronically, do so at their own risk for completeness of the bidding documents.

The Municipal Airport Authority has the right to reject any and all bids.

Shawn A. Dobberstein, AAE
Executive Director


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