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Terminal Plan Study

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Completed in early 2006, the Terminal Expansion Study was completed to determine the most appropriate means of providing improvements to the terminal facility at Hector International in order to meet the demand of anticipated growth in passenger traffic over the next twenty years.


The Terminal Assessment acts as a starting point by evaluating the physical condition of the terminal and also evaluating how well the building functions in its role as a transportation facility. This evaluation becomes a basis for developing plans for both short- and long-term improvements to the terminal.


Conducted in June and July of 2005, the assessment is the product of a team of architects, engineers and planners working in conjunction with members of the airport administrative and operations staff. In developing the report, the team physically inspected the terminal building in detail and interviewed both airport and airline staff members. The findings of the report are based on these investigations in addition to the team�s technical knowledge and professional judgment.


The report includes assessments of the following terminal building systems:

  • Site/Civil - Aircraft apron, terminal drives, parking, site utilities, apron lighting, and landscaping

  • Exterior Envelope - Roof, walls, doors, windows, and insulation

  • Building Interior - Finishes, equipment, amenities, and appearance

  • Structural Systems -General summary of structural systems as observed during site visit

  • Mechanical Systems - HVAC distribution and controls, plumbing fixtures and piping

  • Electrical Systems - Primary service, distribution, panel boards and emergency power, lighting, communications

In addition, assessments of the following operational aspects are included:

  • Departures Process - Functions associated with outbound passenger processing, including check-in, security screening, and boarding.

  • Arrivals Process - Functions associated with inbound passenger processing, including wayfinding and baggage claim.

  • Building services - Functions associated with providing and maintaining building services that support terminal processing activities.

Finally, a discussion of other possible impacts on terminal improvements and expansion were discussed. Items discussed include the impacts of tighter security regulations at airports, and the incorporation of an international arrivals capability within the terminal.


Once the facility assessment task is complete, subsequent tasks of the Terminal Expansion Study will follow. These include developing a detailed program identifying facility requirements to handle passenger traffic in coming years, developing concepts for solving current operational deficiencies and meeting long-term requirements, establishing rough cost estimates for the various design concepts, and prioritizing the various improvement recommendations.



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