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Pilot and Other Information

Pilot Information

Helpful information for pilots when arriving at Hector International Airport.

Airport Identifier – FAR


Drone Information

Drones or otherwise known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can cause significant safety concerns in and around airports.  Individuals that operate drones are required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to register their aircraft.

Below is some useful information if you are considering operating a drone within 5 miles of Hector International Airport.

Know Before You Fly

FAA UAS Grid Map

Academy of Model Aeronautics Area Map

Obstruction Evaluation Notice Criteria Tool

The requirements for filing with the Federal Aviation Administration for proposed structures vary based on a number of factors: height, proximity to an airport, location, and frequencies emitted from the structure, etc. For more details, please reference CFR Title 14 Part 77.9.

Notice Criteria Tool Guide

Notice Criteria Tool


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